Japanese food lesson

Japanese food lesson for foreign guest at Sangen-jaya in Tokyo.

Enjoy a variety of authentic Japanese food with locals, in either cooking classes or dining sessions.

Menu description

You’ll get to experience Sushi in 3 ways: temari – ball style, temaki – handroll style,maki-rolls style. In addition to that Takako would have you try a few traditional dishes Japanese usually have on New year.

3種の寿司体験:手まり寿司、手巻き寿司、巻き寿司。 また、新年の伝統的な料理を試してみてください。


  1. Sushi in 3 ways(3種の寿司)
  2. Miso soup(味噌汁)
  3. A few traditional Japanese side dishes(日本の伝統料理)

Powdered green tea from Tea ceremony

Participation Fee

13,000 yen per session / each participant

About Your Host

  Takako Matsumoto

Takako, who stayed in the US for several years, would usually have sessions with her husband. Their two children are both married to non-Japanese, Australian and American and their family is pretty international. You’ll get to see their cutest doggy too.


Let us know when you want to join and we can recommend a session for you. All menus are customizable!
参加したいときはお知らせください。お客様にぴったりのセッションをお勧めします。 全メニューはカスタマイズも可能です!

Request a date, Enjoy the experience!



Dodo-no-Sora Studio

Address: Sangentyaya 2-38-10, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 1540024 (Map
Studio is  6 min. walk from Sangen-jaya Sta.(Tokyu-Denentoshi line) in Shibuya area.